Introducing our 3 textbooks

The book 'New Essential Mathematics' was written for the current Advanced and Extension 1 courses in Year 11.

The book 'New Fundamental Mathematics' was written for the current Advanced and Extension 1 courses in Year 12.

The book 'New Advanced Mathematics' was written for the current Extension 2 course in Year 12.

These books provide clear explanations about each topic with worked out examples and alternative methods, where applicable. Each chapter features a set of review exercises and challenge problems, all have fully worked solutions. The review exercises will help consolidate students’ skills, while improving their competence. The challenge problems, while possibly beyond the syllabus, provide extra stimulus for highly motivated students and increase confidence for the harder questions.

Both year 12 books also provide explanations of the concepts underpinning the year 11 courses and Extension 1 topics to help provide students with a strong foundation upon which they can develop a more thorough understanding of the complex and challenging concepts in the courses. These books also feature colour-coding throughout to highlight various theorems and study tips – this makes the books a study reference and more enjoyable to read.

These books build upon what the Terry Lee series has been famous for since 1990: they include many fully explained tips and Terry's fantastic tricks to help students understand and solve problems confidently and efficiently, while ultimately developing a greater enjoyment of the course. Many students have told us about their joy in being able to complete Mathematics Extension 2 questions, including especially harder questions, in half the time, which is immeasurably worthwhile.